A story of a volunteer

When I joined the team that went to the refugees camp in Dobova (Slovenia), I was picked up and driven by a young volunteer Josipa Knez.
We had coffee together in Zagreb, and she told me part of her story. Josipa is a 25 years old gentle woman. She was born in Zadar, some 300km from Zagreb. Her father was killed in the Yugoslav War in 1993. As a result, she and her family became refugees for about two of months in Germany and then in Rijeka in Croatia…
Josipa has an inclination for the Marxism ideas, mainly to do with the notion of “no borders & no nations”. She studying Political science. She is her own humanitarian opinions based on what she develops while putting herself in other “marginal” groups (gay, refugees and so on) shoes. Josipa see herself continuing as an activist mainly to do with climate change and environmental issues. She is a member and activist at “Zelena Akcija” (Green Action), and “Young friends of the earth, Europe”…Today we met again in Paris when I took this picture of hers…

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