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Jean-Daniel’s Voodoo temple, and also an artist at work

Today I just added few images from today and one from yesterday (the artist at work). This afternoon, I tooks few shots at Jean-Daniel’s Voodoo temple, including the old lady that looking after the Temple, and Jean-Daniel himself… when I will be back in Australia, I will write a detailed post of what I learned about the Voodoo practices (not enough), and the roll of the spirits like Zagozi, Agaou, Petro and more…





“the tough guys of Pétionsville”…

Today I travelled to Pétionsville, about 13km east of Port au Prince. Walking among the people I thought that for a change I would take some portraits of the men around… As I wrote previously, Haitians do not like to be photographed, but I managed to persuade a few guys to agree to be photographed. So here it is, “the tough guys of Pétionsville”…




DSCF5374 - Copy

Notes from the 24 of February

Again out to the open streets of Port au Prince, looking for the “unusual”. But everything that is unusual in our eyes, is utterly usual in Haiti…so I just need to take the shots that are pleasing to my eyes, and doing my best not to fall in to the trap of repeating myself, and to avoid “clichés” or the “expected”…The dog is sleeping, not dead…





Down to the sea at Port au Prince…

Today I went to the beach, for some change of scenery, and it is a different scenery alright …the roads to the sea are full of people, and full of “hustle & bustle”… the sand road that is actually going down to the sea (at least where I went) is full of makeshift huts and tents, with quite a poor look to it…But never the less, I was not bothered, and people went on their daily life…the sea had few fisherman, and few bathers there… I always (or most of the times) ask for an “OK” to take a photograph, and in Haiti most people don’t like or agree being photographed (I usually need to use my “limited” charm to persuade people to be photographed), but today was my lucky day, everyone was happy to be photographed (including the topless woman in the sea) as they were going about their business… – See more at:




Memorial for the carnival’s dead…

Today Saturday the 21st was a memorial for the many deaths that occurred on Monday at the carnival, when a electric cable struck a float…I don’t know the exact numbers of dead people, but there were much too many… there where thousands of people at the memorial as the city is still in deep shock…

It is Friday, and again I am out on the streets

It is Friday, and again I am out on the streets….I love the “action”, and noise in the streets with the vendors trying to sale their merchandises to every and any one that come across them, if by car, bus or just passing by…The streets are the heart of the city and it is beating fast (in color and B&W)…

The nights of Port au Prince

Just two shots of “the night in Port au prince”… although the streets are dark, but they are lit in spots by the food stalls…the contrasts between the dark night, and the lit spots with the sound of music coming from the clubs along the way, are forming the atmosphere and magic of the night in Port au Prince…

The streets and the people of Port au Prince

Today I went again to the streets of Port au Prince, and took few shots of the local people… I usually like to engage with the locals wherever I go, but in Haiti it is somewhat more difficult for me as I don’t speak French or Creole…on the other hand I find, that a smile is a great ice breaker…so I smile a lot (and I am sure that I look like an idiot many of times)…I am still trying to find my feet, so some of the images that I take are more out of instinct or enthusiasm than artistic thoughts….but in a day or two it will all come together (like always). I would like to manage to shoot more intimate images, maybe at people homes or family photographs…also it is important to learn about the place, as the history of Haiti which reflects on its culture is complicated and intriguing… All in all, I am happy about how things go, and I am sure that by the end of this trip (there will be more than one trip), I will be able to show “important” photographs. “Important photographs” for me are images of subjects that the viewer wouldn’t be exposed or know about otherwise…