Down to the sea at Port au Prince…

Today I went to the beach, for some change of scenery, and it is a different scenery alright …the roads to the sea are full of people, and full of “hustle & bustle”… the sand road that is actually going down to the sea (at least where I went) is full of makeshift huts and tents, with quite a poor look to it…But never the less, I was not bothered, and people went on their daily life…the sea had few fisherman, and few bathers there… I always (or most of the times) ask for an “OK” to take a photograph, and in Haiti most people don’t like or agree being photographed (I usually need to use my “limited” charm to persuade people to be photographed), but today was my lucky day, everyone was happy to be photographed (including the topless woman in the sea) as they were going about their business… – See more at:




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