Europe’s Refugees

Tonight was one of the most significant nights for me for understanding humanity. As I am traveling through Europe trying to follow the Refugees story, I arrived in Zagreb (Croatia) yesterday. Last night I was invited by an organisation “Are you Syrious” to join them crossing the border to Slovenia to the refugees camp of Dobova. Three young girls picked me up at 10pm and we drove to the border (crossing the border is another story in its own right). At the camp we joined the Red Cross staff, and waited for the refugees busses to come…and they came, thousands of refugees being picked up at the train station in Croatia… old, young, men (a lot of young men), families and babies… all exit the busses in groups as been directed by the “fully armed” Police…carrying plastic bags with some belongings… As the “fully armed” police prevented me from taking photographs (aggressively), I just joined the volunteers. My job was to help people with “full” hands that were carrying babies to go through the Red cross food supply, and then to stand in the line (for about 45min) waiting to be processed…I was carrying babies young as 4 DAYS OLD…!…The faces of the refugees were weary and mostly blank…after extensive search, the refugees had to be processed and registered. All that taking about 3 hours per a group, and then back to the busses to the border with Austria, and there to go through this process again, and again “My” volunteers were young girls in mid-20’s going almost every night to give a hand to the refugees. We were working from 11:00pm to 7:00am…All in all, looking at these people and carrying their babies made me think about my life, my kids and my granddaughter in Australia, and how different lives are to different people just because they were born in different places…The world is not a fair place…


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