The streets and the people of Port au Prince

Today I went again to the streets of Port au Prince, and took few shots of the local people… I usually like to engage with the locals wherever I go, but in Haiti it is somewhat more difficult for me as I don’t speak French or Creole…on the other hand I find, that a smile is a great ice breaker…so I smile a lot (and I am sure that I look like an idiot many of times)…I am still trying to find my feet, so some of the images that I take are more out of instinct or enthusiasm than artistic thoughts….but in a day or two it will all come together (like always). I would like to manage to shoot more intimate images, maybe at people homes or family photographs…also it is important to learn about the place, as the history of Haiti which reflects on its culture is complicated and intriguing… All in all, I am happy about how things go, and I am sure that by the end of this trip (there will be more than one trip), I will be able to show “important” photographs. “Important photographs” for me are images of subjects that the viewer wouldn’t be exposed or know about otherwise…

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